Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Here's a post about possible Freesat channels

Freesat has some awesome channels that you don't get on Freeview. But there's channels on Freeview that you don't get on Freesat.

This post is about the channels that are Free-to-air on satellite in the UK, but aren't on the Freesat guide just yet (ignoring shopping channels, Entirely non-English channels, Religious channels and "sex chat" channels:

NHK World - News and infotainment channel based in Japan (quite good in my opinion)

CCTV-9 - Chinese news and infotainment. (similar to NHK World. Quite interesting)

PopGirl+1 and TinyPop+1 - Timeshift variants (I consider Timeshift services welcome)

LUXE.TV - Pure HD channel (SD stream also available). Has some interesting programs about various topics (and great for showing off HD to people).

World Movies - A BRILLIANT CHANNEL!!! Full of movies from across the globe (Personally, I've seen various Japanese and French films. All have English subtitles)

Sky News - Hmm. Wasn't too keen on Sky News, but I suppose some people like them, so it would be welcome for them.

NME TV - Has some good music on sometimes.

AKA, oMusicTV, Flava, Bliss, Flaunt - Music channels. Not my kind of music, but would be welcomed by many people, and Freesat doesn't have enough music channels at the moment.

Rockworld - Uhhhhh. Lots of amateur music shows. Again, music channels are a good thing to advertise with.

Movies4men timeshifts - I'm not into the kind of movies they show, so you can make your own mind up about this.

Propeller TV - I'd like this channel to come on Freesat, but since it's not-for-profit and run by a HE college, I can't see them forking out for a Freesat space.

Starz - I can't see this channel coming on Freesat. Mainly due to its 10pm and onwards slot where people send in explicit pictures on screen and they also show explicit music videos after this time.

Zone Timeshifts - There's some Zone timeshift services that haven't gone onto Freesat yet.

Paranormal - Uhhh....Pass. Only found this one as I was writing this. Sounds like it has some good stuff on according to Wikipedia and briefly watching some.

Cinémoi movies - Another movies channel, this time French with English subtitles.

Film24 - Has some interesting programming, though they were recently investigated for copyright infringement, so I don't know how long they'll survive as a channel.

Press TV - Iranian news channel

Channel M - Manchester based variety channel. I believe it is available on Freesat in Manchester postcodes, but it's available UK wide on FTA and Sky.

Body In Balance - Yoga, meditation, etc. Might interest some people.

And that's it I think. Those are the only ones that stand out to me. There's a load of non-English speaking channels that don't provide subtitles, and there's also a stupid amount of Religious channels that there was no point in listing. These are the major ones.

Personally, out of the above, I want NHK World, World Movies,, NME and Film 24 to be on Freesat (in order of preference). I recommend checking out NHK World. As well as news, there's some really interesting programming on there!

Hello to everyone at joinfreesat!