Monday, February 15, 2016

Let's talk about the rumoured Aikatsu reboot

So there's rumours and crazy theories flying around about the potential killing off of the current Aikatsu universe and its characters, maybe popping in on occasion in a new series, maybe not, maybe a new art style, maybe not, etc. While I try not to concern myself with rumours until they are confirmed, let me talk about my number one concern: Akari.

Unlike most other characters, we've been following Akari for longer than any other character from this season. From her audition with Ichigo judging, through to going on tour. During that time, the appearances of Ichigo have gradually reduced, allowing a good transition from Ichigo to Akari as the main protagonist. There was no moment where I felt they straight up cut Ichigo out of the picture.

I am scared, nay, /terrified/ that Aikatsu will end suddenly and not transition out Akari like they did with Ichigo. I want her departure to be natural, and not "I'm going away, bye", which I get the impression was the plan for Ichigo's departure for America in episode 50 but only came back 2 weeks later in the real world after a one year timeskip in-universe.

That being said, the second movie is coming, and I suspect this will be used (if the rumours are true) as the true send-off for the characters from the current generation. So here's what I am asking, Namco Bandai, I want two things:

One: Please leave us with happy memories (you've managed this one so far, so don't ruin it in the movie).
Two: Please let Akari and friends be happy in whatever they do next.

Do that, and I think I'll be fine with whatever you do next.

Yours Sincerely,

Peter Shillito
Dirty Foreigner