Sunday, May 01, 2011

COMPEMETITION! Anime DVDs up for grabs

I'm feeling generous, so I've got some DVDs to give away which were sent to me by MVM Films a little while back for competition purposes.

Click here for a picture (I'm not lying)

I'm giving you the option to choose which of these you want. How do you win? Well...

Go to and listen again to my anime music radio show "Neko Desu" which is on Saturdays at 10pm. The new Listen Again player uses Microsoft Silverlight so that it's compatible with both Macs and PCs now.

Listen to the show and keep an ear out for when I make a mess of the title and artist for one of the songs. If you listened live, you might remember it.

Once you know what it is, send me a message on Twitter to @TheShillito with the title and artist for the song, as well as which DVD you want. Please choose one to make my life easier. (you can use TwitLonger or similar if you can't fit it into a single tweet).

To make it fair for those who listened live and those who are gonna listen again, I'll pick the winner at random from the correct entries (I'll assign a number to each entry and use the generator to pick impartially). I'll split entries up into the separate DVDs. The winners I will announce on my Twitter. You can then DM/E-mail your address and I'll send the DVDs off to you.

DEADLINE: ummmm.... Wednesday 4th May? That should be enough time I reckon. I can then do the draws after college that day!

Finally, I will ship internationally, but I'm not rich so it'll probably take a little while to arrive depending on how far from the UK you are. As for customs, it'll be marked as a gift (because it is) so you shouldn't be charged any customs charges. If you are charged, I apologise in advance.

(I think that's everything.....)

Ah! If you like my show, it's on every Saturday at 10pm (UK time) on Please tune in ^_^

Good luck!
Peter "The" Shillito

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