Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let's talk about customer service at an unnamed supermarket

I was driving home from work and wanted to pop into [supermarket] to get some of their fresh bakery products. However, I got the idea in my head of potentially heating up some of the products when I get home, as I thought they'd be quite nice hot. My eternally worrying mind was all "you're probably gonna poison yourself" so I thought I'd phone the supermarket and see if they recommend against it. I was stuck in traffic anyway, so I might as well.

As the phone started to dial [supermarket] I realised that I'm probably wasting my minutes as I'd have to navigate a phone menu to get to speak to someone.

NOPE! After a brief recorded message, I was put through to someone almost straight away, with no menu mazes!

I explained myself to the person on the phone, but they weren't sure if they could be reheated and advised I spoke to the store staff themselves. Okay, fair enough, it's a weird question. I'm on the way there anyway, so I can ask the question when checking out (I like them cold anyway, so I won't push for an answer).

I buy my bakery stuff, as well as other stuff, then head to the till. While packing my stuff away, I mention that I spoke to head office about reheating the bakery items and pointed to the ones I bought. I got an immediate "oh yeah, I heat them up all the time, I like to microwave them for a bit, not very long".

Turns out, head office wasn't wrong! The staff in the store did know. I went home and had a very nice dinner!

Full marks to [supermarket]!

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