Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pledge Drive - you pay, I pay from #nekodesu

I have a weekly radio show on called "Neko Desu" where I play Japanese anime music. It's on every Saturday at 10pm including tonight. Tonight, in fact, I am covering the show before mine from 8pm to 10pm called "Caturday Night Live" which plays pop, indie, rock, metal, dubstep, you name it. Since I'm there, I'll be dropping in the odd anime song too.

However, as you will probably know, there has been a huge disaster in Japan with earthquakes and tsunamis devastating areas. I've seen stuff on TV and online. It's horrific.

So I decided to donate some money. However, I want to encourage people to donate too, which is where you come in. From 8pm tonight, I shall be on taking requests. However, for each request, I want you to pledge some money that you have or will donate. For each request I play, I will announce your name and pledge on air, thank you and I will also donate £1 for each request I play.

I have chosen the British Red Cross to donate my portion of the money to, but you can choose who you'd like so I'd like you to tell me who you've donated to as well. The British Red Cross are actually forwarding donations to the Japanese Red Cross if you go through that page so you know your money will be used there.

If you want to request a song, visit the website on and use any of the methods on there. I want your name (or pseudonym if you wish), how much you have/will donate, which organisation you are donating to, and of course the song you want.

I hope you tune in, and even if you don't I hope you donate what you can.


Peter "The" Shillito

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